Lancaster Team Trivia Night, Team Text Trivia at Federal Taphouse Lancaster PA, Thursdays 8:00 PM

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Great Menu with tons of awesome choices, Drink Specials, Awesome Food OVer 100 draft beers on Tap!

All of our trivia contestants are having a blast in Lancaster at Federal Taphouse.

Lancaster Trivia Night, in down-town from 8:00PM – 10:30 PM on Thursday Nights

Federal Taphouse is Queen Street and Prince Street at street level.. There is a parking garage in the building.

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Federal Taphouse , 201 N Queen St., Lancaster, PA 19603 717.490.6932
All Party Starz Karaoke & DJ 717.208.4299
providing Team Text Trivia 201 N Queen St Lancaster PA 17603 717-308-9559

Team Trivia Night Lancaster PA – Top Trivia in Lancaster County PA

Team Text Trivia is the latest type of trivia out there. We ask questions and you answer by means of your smart phone. Fastest answers get more points. There are no answer sheets and pens and paper needed. There is no 15 minute down time in between rounds while the host grades everyone's answers.

We do not mind if you seek out responses online making use of your phone. Repeating, The fastest answers get the most points, so while you are looking up the correct answer, others are texting in the answer, however, if you look it up, you are acquiring knowledge and may still have time to get some points, so we in fact urge you look up answers when you have to. The questions for Team Text Trivia are about Television, Movies, Sports, Music and general or current events. The questions are developed to be more general knowledge and not be so minor and not about ancient history. Sure, we go back several years, but not usually several centuries like many trivia.

Scoring Points is based on how quickly you answer. Very first correct team gets 5 points, then 4, then 3 and so on. After the first 5 teams answer correctly, there are no more points for that particular question. We prefer to award clients at our places who are buying food and drinks. For every single product you purchase, we provide you a “Gimme”. That means if you do not know the answer you can utilize your Gimme and you get 3 points for that question. We also offer you a “gimme” for “checking in” and “liking” the establishment you are playing in or liking the Team Text Trivia page. We offer other bonus offers as well to give you more chances to score points.

We do rounds that typically last 45 minutes to an hour each, so you are not held hostage for hours like many other trivia games. We give prizes for each round, so even if you only have an hour you can play a round, have some fun and perhaps win some fantastic rewards. We work to create relationships with our places and other strategic partners, so if you get our Rewards Card you can get discounts or you might win coupons for bowling, miniature golf, movies, comedy clubs or just gift certificates for food or drinks at the place you are playing.

Find a Team Text Trivia Location near you and come out and try a few rounds. Bring your friends, the more varied a group you have the better you will do in the game. Team sizes differ from place to place, but many allow 4 to 8 members per team. Have a good time, win rewards, learn something and get rewards at other locations nearby. Team Text Trivia is developed to be a win-win great time for everyone involved.