Team-Text-Trivia-2015-02-18-17-24-05> Trivia never worked this well before, the place is packed!
– Tami Wallace -Adobe Gilas Manager

> I was hesitant at first, but man was I wrong, glad to be in this case, the register in ringing and my staff is having a ball with it!

– Bar Mgr Applebees Wesley Chapel Florida


> We saw the success our other stores were having we made the switch immediately

– Bar Mgr Applebees Largo Florida


> No more boring trivia nights, this concept is a win win!Team-Text-Trivia-2015-02-18-17-23-41

– Kelly Howard, Bar Owner Clearwater Florida


> We also get the numbers of the players so we can inform them of future events and specials also and in today's competitive market, we love having the ability to beat our competition.

– Phil. Buffalo Wild Wings Mgr