Trivia in Wyomissing PA, Thursday Night Team Text Trivia and Mungo Music Bingo @ Tino’s Pizzeria 10-13-22 7pm

Trivia & Music Bingo in Wyomissing PA, Team Text Trivia & Mungo Music Bingo @ Tino’s Pizzeria Thurs 7p

Tino’s Pizzeria in Wyomissing, Team Text Trivia& MUNGO Music Bingo.. Gift card prizes and also excellent specials!

Connect with Eric & our great associates to truly have a great time working your brain along with

Clues for the week –

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MUNGO MUsic biNGO Theme This week is All Time Party Classics

Trivia Clues for this week:

1. Pharrell Williams first big hit was Rump Shaker with Wreckx in Effect

2. Concord is the capital of New Hampshire

3. Stradivarius are known as the best and most expensive violins

We will do Random play-list Name That Tune this week!

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Music Bingo & Trivia in Wyomissing PA @ Tino’s Pizzeria, every other Thurs 7pm!