Wyomissing Halloween Trivia & Music Bingo, @ Tino’s Pizzeria Thurs 7p 10-27-22

Wyomissing Trivia at Tino's Pizzeria & Bar

Wyomissing Halloween Trivia & Music Bingo, Team Text Trivia & Mungo Music Bingo @ Tino's Pizzeria Thurs 7p 10-27-22

Tino's Pizzeria in Wyomissing, Team Text Trivia and MUNGO Music Bingo.. Gift card prizes as well as excellent specials!

Connect with Eric & our excellent team to really have a excellent time working your mind and additionally

Trivia Clues for this week: – ttrivia.us/PAClues

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MUNGO MUsic biNGO This week's theme: Halloween Sound Movie & Sound Effect mixed with Classics

Trivia Clues for this week:

1. Instead of Pumpkins they used to use Cabbage on “Mischief Night” to create smelly pranks!

2. Tootsie Rolls saved many US Marines during the Korean War

3. In the original draft of Dracula it was Count Wampyr NOT Count Dracula!

Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett and the Crypt Kickers

All Entertainment and Celebrity Photos via Creative Commons

CC BY 2.0, creativecommons.org

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Music Bingo & Trivia – Wyomissing PA @ Tino's Pizzeria, alternating Thurs 7PM!