Wyomissing Team Trivia Night! Team Text Trivia & Mungo Music Bingo @ Tino’s Pizzeria Thurs 7p 12-8-22

Wyomissing Trivia - Tino'S Pizza Team Text Trivia Winners

Wyomissing Team Trivia Night, Team Text Trivia & Mungo Music Bingo @ Tino's Pizzeria Thurs 7p 12-8-22

Tino's Pizzeria in Wyomissing, Team Text Triviaand MUNGO Music Bingo.. Gift card prizes and also great specials!

Connect with Eric and our great team to really have a wonderful time exercising your mind and

Clues for the week – ttrivia.us/PAClues

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MUNGO MUsic biNGO This week's theme: Classic 90's hits

Trivia Clues for this week:

1. The #1 producer of potatoes in the US is Idaho!

2. In 1950 the US had 48 states and our flag had 48 stars.  Alaska and Hawaii were added in 1959

3. Movies in the USA are rated by the MPAA.  Motion Picture Association of America.

Musical clue – Prince & The Revolution –  Little Red Corvette

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Music Bingo & Trivia – Tino's Pizzeria in Wyomissing PA, every other Thursday 7 PM!